Hungarian State Opera

Budapest VI., Andrássy út 22.

Ticket Exchange

Opera tickets purchased online can be modified. You can modify the ticket only once, within the given deadline (i.e. 5 calendar days preceding the performance you have originally purchased your ticket for) to such a performance where there are available tickets. Exchanging a higher price category ticket for a lower one will result in the loss of the price difference. In case you exchange a lower price category ticket to a higher one you will be directed to the bank payment page to pay the difference with credit card.
To complete this log in on the website and click on the menu Personal data / My purchases and then select the Details of the purchase and finally click on Exchange tickets.

Please note that performances with season tickets have much fewer available tickets.

When buying online tickets please pay attention for "scene visibility" signs of tickets:
- the scene is only partially visible,
- the scene is not visible.

E-mail - general e-mail address: please write here if you have any questions not regarding the online ticket selling. - please write here if you have a question about the online ticket selling.

Ticket cash-desk in Opera
22 Andrássy Str., VI. Budapest
Phone: +36-1-353 0170
Opening hours:
Monday to Saturday from 11 am to the beginning of the performances (to 5 pm on days when there is no performance)
on Sunday and holidays 11 am to 1 pm, and 4 pm to the beginning of the performances

Management and Administration Department of Opera House
1061 Budapest, Hajós utca 13-15. / ground floor I. (door bell no. 90)
Phone: +36-1-332 7914
Phone/Fax: +36-1-311 9017
Opening hours:
weekdays 10 am to 5 pm

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