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23rd Budapest International Wine Festival

Wine culture and gastronomy

Ready! Steady! Wine!

The largest event of the Hungarian wine profession

It has been known of thousands of years that wine can have a number of beneficial effects if consumed moderately. The main topic of this year's Budapest Wine Festival is the place of wine in a healthy, active lifestyle and community building. It may come as a surprise that even beyond the members of the rather well-known National Football Team of Winemakers there are numerous vintners with a significant past, and/or with a still active life in sports. Their lives are closely intertwined with everyday activity, healthy lifestyle, and last but not least, with wine. Come and make friends with the sporty wine makers of Budapest Wine Festival 2014!

If You are a regular student, or even if this was your first time, You are welcome to attend the popular Wine University just before the Wine Festival, on September 8-9. Exciting and up-to-date presentations of this two-day course are delivered by recognized professionals who always have some novelty to share with the audience made up of every kind of wine lovers from the beginners to the long-time experts.

From the big guns of the north, such as Brunello or Barolo, to the rising stars of the south, such as Primitivo or Nero d'Avola, we are exploring The Boot with Hungarian and Italian experts.
The subject of the first day is: "Clearly about clear wines." Biodynamic, organic, authentic - words in fashion; but what do they mean? Significant differentiation or marketing tool? Is the non-biodynamic wine really harmful for your health? How does it work in practice to make biodynamic wine? Clearly asked questions will be clearly answered by trustworthy winemakers.
Being the guest of honour of the Wine Festival 2014, Italy will be introduced on the second day. There are only a few wine producing countries that have such a great variety of wines what the biggest wine-exporting country in the world has. Almost a thousand of local grape varieties, numerous global varieties, several microclimates, types of soil and ways of cultivation result in the colorfulness of the Italian wine regions.
A Couple of Wine-Couples - Professional afternoon tastings at the Budapest Wine Festival on Wednesday and Thursday. During the professional afternoons winemakers have the chance to show curiosities and spread the knowledge along the consumers by comparing couples of wine advertised in advance and providing wine tasting. It is going to be a kind of "test tasting" for the experts as the audience will be able to give feedback about the results of the new techniques. The tasting is going to work in 2 for 1 system as one of each couple of wines will be free of charge. Exhibitors joining the programme will offer the tasting of wine-couples at their own stands led by a professional.

The more than 200 wineries at the Wine Festival represent all Hungarian wine regions, and most varieties. Thanks to our themed wine-walks, those who are less confident in their knowledge of Hungarian wines can find their way around, too. It is our goal to help our guests as to explore as many tastes and flavours as they can during the festival.

This year, one can meet once again plenty of outstanding artists and performers. We have some new acts on the programme, and several old friends who have been playing for years for the festival's audience. On the first day, the PORT.hu festival stage will be opened with a frenetic concert by Irie Maffia, a highly talented band melting hip-hop with rock, funk and reggae. The next day is dedicated to true world music and authentic Hungarian folk. First, Szilvia Bognár and the etNoé will prove us that traditional folk songs and lyrics can be rejuvenated in a modern musical environment. Then, the evening culminates into a memorable performance of Csík Band. On Friday we welcome Makám on stage, a band of stability and permanent quality celebrating its 30th anniversary. Still one of the most active ones, the band delivers close to hundred concerts a year with the same enthusiasm as in their early years. They will be followed by Magdi Rúzsa, one of the most celebrated divas of Hungary, who has been discovered in a talent show at a very early age, but for now she has found her own unique stage personality that earned her multiple gold and platinum records. The Saturday program starts with the inauguration ceremony of the Törley Sparkling Wine Knighthood - this year the new knights were selected from successful athletes reflecting the main topic of Budapest Wine Festival 2014. After the ceremony, the audience can enjoy two acts: Fool Moon, an a capella pop group and one of the final four bands in Hungary's Eurovision Song Contest; and Benkó Dixieland Band, an internationally acclaimed favorite of many generations. The last day of the festival, Sunday, is completely dedicated to folklore. First, the stage will host colorful and intense performances by such excellent folk dance groups as Kertész, Forrás, Alba Regia, and the Dezső Fitos Company. The closing event of the wine festival will be a "best of" concert by the Ghymes Band.

The Harvest Parade - Folk Music and Dance Gala is homage to our winemaking ancestors. This singing and dancing celebration on Sunday, September 14 is made up of folk heritage preservation societies, outstanding personages from the Hungarian wine regions, members of wine orders and wine appreciation societies, and folk dancers representing their respective local cultures. The parade marches along the streets of the Buda Caste district, followed by hundreds of tourists who often join the cheerful crowd to learn some folk dance movements.

The guest country of the Budapest Wine Festival in 2014 is Italy. Prosecco, Chianti, Brunello, Asti - these world-famous brands surely ring a bell to all winelovers. However, the wine culture of Italy is much more than just a handful of globally popular products. Viti- and viniculture are based on a tradition of millennia, and vineyards spread from the northernmost point of the country to the southernmost corner of Sicily. This year, our guests can get familiar with this extraordinarily rich heritage of winemaking and the immense variability that the Italian wine trade has to offer.

Next to Italian wines, masterpieces of the Italian cuisine will also appear at the usual location within the rich gastronomic assortment of the Wine Festival. Of course, the gastronomy on offer is mostly about Hungarian treaties. We will welcome some exciting new exhibitors from the very current "street food" scene. In the Oroszlános Court, the master of indulgence will be our long-time partner, "Országkonyha" (Country Kitchen), so nobody will remain hungry while tasting some Balaton whites and Szekszárd reds along the wine aisles of the court. Colors, aromas and flavors are added to the court's selection by Hungary's most famous confectionery, Gerbeaud, and by the gourmet stand, "The World of Truffle". We also have something for cheese enthusiasts: SZEGA Foods organizes for the second year the Cheese Contest of European Nations, where you can taste and vote for the cream of the crop of the best cheese producing countries. Moreover, there will be two other stands dedicated completely to cheese - together of course with numerous other exhibitors representing delicious traditional dishes in a modern way.

The Charity Wine Auction - a follow-up event of the Wine Festival - will be organized for the 16th consecutive year in 2014. It is a noble example for how successful entrepreneurs and companies can aid their fellow citizens in need. The sum raised at the auction will be transferred to the 25 year old Hungarian Maltese Charity Service, which will spend the money on musical education of children living in poverty.

A pleasant wine tasting experience is also guaranteed by numerous auxiliary programs:
For more information: www.aborfesztival.hu

Opening hours:
Sept 10-12, Wednesday-Friday: 14.00-23.00
Sept 13-14, Saturday-Sunday: 10.00-23.00

Cash desks are open until 22.00 only!

Location: Terraces of the Buda Castle

Entry tickets
One-day ticket:
Tickets can be pre-ordered until August 15, 2014 for HUF 2,500 (per person per day)
Price of tickets bought after August 15, 2014, or on the spot: HUF 2,900 (per person per day)

5-day ticket:
Pre-ordered until August 15, 2014: HUF 7,000 (per person)
After August 15 and on the spot: HUF 7,500 (per person)
The 5-day armband is valid for all five days of the Festival. A crystal tasting glass, and a comfortable textile tasting glass carrier are provided upon the first entry.

The entry fee covers:
- 1 crystal tasting glass;
- 1 comfortable, easy-to-use textile carrier for the tasting glass;
- one-time free entry for the permanent exhibitions of the Budapest History Museum;
- best entertainment provided on the Festival stage;
- finest food and finest wines;
- a mesmerizing panorama and atmosphere in of Hungary's trademark historical spots, the Buda Castle;
- a one-day armband with unlimited exit and reentry. Please take good care of your armband since torn, re-glued, repaired armbands are not accepted!
- free entry under the age of 12.

Please exchange pre-ordered tickets for entry armbands at Pre-Order Entry Desks:
- first cash desk at the Szent György Street entrance ("Koldus" Gate),
- main Pre-Order Desk at the "Barokk" Gate

Tasting tickets - no longer in operation!

Please note that in contrast to earlier years' practice, this year the official method of payment at the Wine Festival will be cash.

Self-printed tickets
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