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Information on October performances and COVID-precautions at the Opera

The Hungarian State Opera plans to hold its performances announced for October 2020 with the introduction of the safety precautions listed below. Tickets are already available at our ticket offices and online.

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, the Hungarian State Opera introduces the following rules and measures:

1, Beginning with 1 September 2020, the wear of face masks is mandatory throughout the whole area of all our venues (including the auditoriums).

2, Hand disinfectant dispensers are placed at the entrances for the use of the audience.

3, The performances can only be visited by those without any symptoms. Our employees have the right to check the body temperature of visitors.

4, The gates for the audience are opened 45 minutes before the performance to avoid the forming of crowds at ticket inspection.

5, Beginning with 1 October 2020, a new seating plan is introduced at our venues (Erkel Theatre and Eiffel Art Studios). Beside every two occupied seats two seats remain vacant in every direction. The seating plan is already implemented in our ticket sale system. Therefore, customers may only buy those seats that can be occupied. (In case of purchasing more than two tickets, the rule stays in effect, and the third or fourth person of the same group can only occupy the seats designated to them. This is monitored by the ushers during the show.)

6, The cloakrooms are kept closed. The audience can take their coats and bags into the auditorium and deposit them on the vacant seats next to theirs.

7, We kindly ask you to purchase your tickets online to avoid personal contact at our ticket offices.

Tickets for the previously announced September performances are also on sale. In our special reopening offer, tickets for performances at the Erkel Theatre are offered with 15% discount (25% for subscription holders); tickets for performances at the Eiffel Art Studios are offered with 50% discount. Discounts are available only for programmes organised by the Erkel Theatre and the Eiffel Art Studios. Discounts are valid for up to 2 tickets per performance.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

When buying online tickets please pay attention for "scene visibility" signs of tickets:
- the scene is only partially visible,
- the scene is not visible.

E-mail - please write here if you have a question about the online ticket selling.

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