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4 July - Classicism
WINE | Gere Winery (Villány) | MUSIC | Stereo Swing
The opening event of the Wine Wednesday featuring Gabi Szűcs and theStereo Swing's modern jazz music with an electronic sound and hyped upwith swing dancers.
6.30 p.m. - Franc Anderson (associate professor) - Paris, Budapest and Early
20th-century Art (information counter)

11 July - Romanticism
WINE | Pannonhalmi Abbey Winery (Pannonhalma)
MUSIC | Krisztina Bakó Jazz Trio
Young jazz singer Krisztina Bakó's pleasant, mellow voice and subtle style is a perfect match for the Romantic chapter of our Wine Wednesdays.
6.30 p.m. - István Sessler (associate professor) - Romanticism - Desirefor Illusion (information counter)

18 July - Impressionism
WINE | KisBécs - Zantho Winery (Lake Fertő) | MUSIC | Árpishow
The prominent representatives of old school jazz will providea delightfulmusical atmosphere for the Impressionist eveningof our Wine Wednesday.
6.30 p.m. - Ellen Mozley (associate professor) - Picture the Outdoors- Focus on Nature (information counter)

25 July - Surrealism
WINE | Skizo Wine House (Badacsony)
MUSIC | György Pataj Trio
György Pataj's role model is Alfred McCoy Tyner, who made his nameplaying in John Coltrane's epic jazz quartet. This musical milieu wasdeservedly picked for the Surrealist part of our Wine Wednesday series.
6.30 p.m. - Ombretta Lazzeretti (associate professor) - Emotions of aCentury: Friendship and Love (information counter)

1 August - Abstract art
WINE | Laposa Pincészet (Badacsony)
MUSIC | Károly Gáspár trió
7.00 p.m. - Zsófia Albrecht - Ways of Seeing - guided tour in theexhibition Modern Times (information counter)

Visitors can view our temporary exhibitions with their Wine Wednesday tickets.
Frida Kahlo 11 July | 18 July | 25 July | 1 August
Julian Rosefeldt :Manifesto 4 July | 11 July | 18 July | 25 July | 1 August

Due to art protection requirements, admission to the guided tours is limited and participation isgranted in the order of arrival. Please take that into account when arranging your visit.
Audio and visual recordings might be made at the events, which the museum will use on its ownplatforms and publications as well as include in its promotion materials. Visitors may not launch anyclaims in this regard to the museum the makers of the recordings and the lawful users of such data.

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