11. Boogiefeszt - Boogie Show


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Hungary’s biggest boogie woogie festival opens its door again, for the 11th time! After the very succesful anniversary edition last year, following the traditions, the genre’s most reputated performers will come to Győr. The highly awaited Boogie Show events will come back to their original venue. So from real blues songs to crazy fast boogie woogie tunes can be heard in Richter Concert Hall. The events are spiced with a lot of humour and musical punch lines. You can enjoy exciting piano battles, dazzling instrument solos, fantastic singing voices, acrobatic dance moves... and many more during the whole night concert show. Anything can happen at the Boogie Show…and will happen!


The host of the festival is Hungary’s #1 boogie woogie band, the Dániel Balázs Boogie Woogie Trio. Performers are coming to 11th Boogiefeszt from all over the world. We can welcome one of the genre’s most reputated artist, Axel Zwingenberger from Germany. The great Mr. Boogie Woogie (Eric-Jan Overbeek) will hit the piano keys aswell, he gets everybody’s attention in a second and those feets stomping to the rhythm. You can see two wonderful boogie woogie dancing couples from France: Ludovic Chanton & Stacy Aurel and Jérémy Chanton & Mélanie Deniau. Acrobatic dance moves and crazy fast steps are in their performance every time. The audience can hear live The Easy Babies swing trio from Hungary. The formation is made up of three very pretty, young and talented singers. The girls are well trained singers, who are representing swing music as their main profession. Pleszkán Écska’s strong and powerful voice will be a great company again to the Dániel Balázs Trio’s performances. The festival wouldn’t be the same without surprise guests. They make all of the events more exciting and colourful. You can expect many special guests and performances at the 11th Boogiefeszt.

More information: http://boogiefeszt.hu/en/

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