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While Delibes fashioned Tasso's pastoral play about a nymph uninterested in love, a faithful shepherd, and a lecherous nymph into a romantic ballet, it took choreographer László Seregi to turn it into a full-blooded ballet within a ballet about the everyday lives, rivalries, intrigues and petty infatuations in a dance company.
Seregi's contribution was to take the bucolic tale, which by then seemed somewhat simplistic, and subject it to a complete blood transfusion. He didn't shrink from placing his own craft in front of a sort of funhouse mirror, either: this is how we are, fallible and frustrated artists, and even more so, people..

Critics respond:
“Audiences are still happy to watch this two-act ballet comedy [Sylvia]. The production has lost none of its charm since its 1972 Budapest premiere, even if it is covered with a light but loveable patina.” (Ira Werbowsky, Der neue Merker, Austria)

Comic ballet in two acts
Age limit: over 8 years


General cast:
Conductor: András Déri / Sámuel Tóth

Sylvia: Ellina Pokhodnykh / Lili Felméry / Cristina Balaban / Tatiana Melnik
Amyntas: Dmitry Diachkov / Dmitry Timofeev / Gergő Ármin Balázsi
Diana: Aliya Tanykpayeva / Sofia Ivanova-Skoblikova / Diana Kosyreva / Karina Sarkissova
Orion: Zoltán Oláh / Ievgen Lagunov / Gergely Leblanc
Amor: András Rónai / Carlos Taravillo Mahillo / Miklós Dávid Kerényi / Boris Myasnikov

Choreographer: László Seregi
Composer: Léo Delibes
Music revised: Tamás Pál
Set designer: Gábor Forray
Costume designer: Tivadar Márk
Assistant choreographer: Ildikó Kaszás
Ballet masters: Ildikó Kaszás / Ildikó Pongor / Edit Rujsz

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