Kacsóh Pongrác

John the Valiant

Musical play

Videó bezárása

'I, the shepherd king, graze my flock. (...) For my name is... my name is Johnny Corn!'

That is, John the Valiant. Sándor Petőfi's narrative poem, dubbed the 'Hungarian Odyssey' by the Hungarian author Dezső Kosztolányi, was first published in 1845. In 1904, the work inspired the creation of a dramatic musical work, a singspiel with the legendary Sári Fedák in the title role.

Now the work's parade of characters return to life on the stage of the Erkel Theatre, in the staging of Sándor Palcsó.

The critics respond:
“Operetta productions aimed at children are a difficult enough genre as it is, and all the more so when the staging raises the stakes on the built environment, so to speak, by evoking the world of vanished historical and aesthetic eras.” (Ferenc László, Magyar Narancs)

Singspiel in three parts, in Hungarian, with Hungarian and English surtitles
Age limit: over 6 years

Director: Palcsó Sándor

General cast:
Conductor: Rácz Márton

János the Hussar: Gergely Ujvári
Iluska: Kinga Kriszta
Bagó: Zoltán Nagy
The French King: Péter Haumann
The French Princess: Ágnes Molnár
Iluska's stepmother: Éva Balatoni
Sergeant: Róbert Rezsnyák
The field guard of the village: András Kőrösi
Bartolo, a scientist: Péter Kiss
First peasant: N.N.
Second peasant: N.N.
First Lady-in-waiting: N.N.
Second Lady-in-waiting: N.N.
Third Lady-in-waiting: N.N.

Photo by Nagy Attila

Music revised by: Jenő Kenessey
Librettist: Károly Bakonyi / Jenő Heltai
English surtitles: Arthur Roger Crane
Director: Sándor Palcsó
Costume designer: Attila Csikós
Costume designer: Judit Beda
Choreographer: András Nádasdy / Andrea P. Merlo
Chorus director: Gábor Csiki

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