M. Gorkij

The lower depths


Videó bezárása

A dozen people are living together. They are quarrelling, singing and teasing each other. They make noises in order to neither hear each other, nor themselves. In this irritating existence every minute seems unbearable and every figure unimprovable, until a pilgrim comes into the picture: his name is Luka. While the locals are rude to each other, he preaches consolation, hope and talks about the possibility of salvation. But his mildness is seen an act of provocation there. Everyone has the option to listen to his words, or to pretend that he didn’t hear them.

Premiere: 12 April, 2019

Director: Ascher Tamás

Kostilyoff, keeper of the night lodging: István Znamenák
Vassilisa Karpovna, his wife: Gabriella Hámori
Natasha, her sister: Emőke Zsigmond
Vasska Pepel: Márton Patkós
Satine: Imre Csuja
Actor: Zsolt Nagy
Baron: Csaba Polgár
Nastya: Éva Kerekes
Kleshtch, locksmith: Béla Dóra
Anna, her wife: Tünde Kókai
Bubnoff, furrier: Milán Vajda
Kvashnya, pancake-maker: Eszter Csákányi
Medviedieff, policeman: István Ficza
Tartar, loader man: Zsolt Máthé
Goitrous, loader man: Máté Novkov
Alyoshka, shoemaker: Zsombor Jéger
A figure: Árpád Kákonyi
Luka, pilgrim: László Gálffi

Set designer: Zsolt Khell
Light designer: Tamás Bányai
Costume designerz: Juli Szlávik
Dramaturg: Sára Gábor
Sound designer: Árpád Kákonyi
Prompter: Zita Kanizsay
Stage manager: Zsolt Mózer
Assistant trainee: Luca Perényi
Assistant to the director: Ariadne Érdi

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