Bin Jip, Babám

Újbuda Jazz Festival

Pop/rock music

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The second night of the Újbuda Jazz Festival features a true feminin character in the music of two excellent jazz bands: on one hand the triphop electronica topjazz world of the Bin-Jip group, on the other the soul, jazz, folk-music based sound of the Babám ensemble.


Four young musicians are behind the odd-sounding name “Bin-Jip”. Although their existence and their working together has been an open secret for some time, the band was not in a hurry to go officially public. They have been working for more than a year perfecting their tunes, which can be described as more eclectic, modern and experimenting than their previous projects. Albeit being eclectic, their show is absolutely song-centric. Bin-Jip is a very democratic community, where the musicians are almost peers in writing, arranging the songs and being producers of the project. They not only contribute with their own instruments, but they shape the songs’ structure, sounds and effects together. After a year of work they have recorded a whole album’s worth of exciting music. The name “Bin-Jip” comes from the Korean motion picture, which is a well-liked movie of the members. But beyond that, the name was chosen because in the movie the story took place mainly indoors, just like the band, which existed only in Andrew J’s living-room up until now. That is where the songs were written and the musicians became a band.

Bin-Jip line up:
Harcsa Veronika - vocals
Kaltenecker Zsolt – keyboards
Gyémánt Bálint - guitar
Andrew J – rhythms, samples, scratch


October 2007 saw Babam's first ever public performance at the a38 ship on the banks of the Danube. Of Babam's original 8 members, 4, including the band's lead vocalist and song writer Julia Kasa (of Anima sound system fame), originated from the experimental jazz outfit Koala Fusion. During these formative years the band also consisted of two backing singers and a guitarist.

During those years the band was seen playing at the most infamous of Hungary's venues and festivals, including Godor and Sziget Festival. Kasa's songs combine a mix of soul, new jazz and dub step, with a genuine Hungarian folk influence.

At the end of 2009 Kasa reformed the band. They have since won awards at Fete de la Musique (aka World Music Day), PANKKK (a state-sponsored music organization), and a Fringe prize in the Capital of Culture for 2010, Pecs. Following their award at Fete de la Musique, Babam will represent Hungary in Warsaw at the event.

Line up:
Júlia Kása - vocals
Claudia Ládi - vocals
Attila Eőry - vocals
Dániel Kardos - guitar
Áron Sebestyén - piano
Tamás Heilig - bass
Áron Porteleki - drums

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