Örkény István

The Toth Family

Tragic comedy

Videó bezárása

Based on the short novel of the author, the play was edited and the songs were selected by Ildikó Gáspár.Lajos Tót is a fire-fighter in Mátraszentanna, a small mountain town. His house is nice and clean, his garden is sunny and bright. If his son would not be a front line soldier in Russia, Lajos Tót would only be informed about the war from the radio. When one day the company commander of his son shows up to take some rest from the shocks of war-time, Lajos Tót and his family do their best to make his time unforgettable. Everything that one can do. But what is that one can do in hard times is a matter of perspective.

„When a snake (a rare phenomenon) devours itself is there a snake-size gap left in the world? And is there a power mighty enough to make a man devour his humanity to the last crumb? Is there or is there not? It’s quite a puzzle!” (István Örkény)

A tragicomedy in two acts
Running time: 2 hours 50 minutes with one intermission
Premiere: 9 March, 2013

The Toth Family
Örkény Színház Színházterem
Sold out
Director: Mácsai Pál

Imre Csuja
Judit Pogány
Nóra Diána Takács
Attila Epres
István Ficza

Directed: Pál Mácsai

Set design: Levente Bagossy
Costume design: Mari Benedek
Dramaturg: Barbara Ari-Nagy
Musical director: Árpád Kákonyi, Tamás Matkó
Prompter: Zita Kanizsay
Stage manager: Eszter Sós
Assistant to the director: Ariadne Érdi

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