Pécs, Kodály Centre


Kodály - season ticket 2019/2020.

We'll see many masters at our Thursday night season series, including concertmaster Zoltán Bánfalvi's cello concerto played by Tibor Bogányi and led by Gilbert Varga.

Masterful collaboration

The Kodaly pass awaits its season ticket holders every Thursday night at 19:00 at the Kodaly Centre. Throughout the series, we'll see a unique series of instrumental solos, Arno Bornkamp on the saxophone, Horia Dumitrache on the clarinet, and the PFZ's musicians led by Szabolcs Zempléni in a horn quartet will all lend themselves to memorable performances. We'll also get a chance to see two master trios on stage: Fülöp Ránki (piano), Anastasia Razvalyaeva (harp) and Borbála Dobozy (cembalo) will play Cesar Franck's trio concerto, and in the Spring we can hear the Pannon Philharmonic's composer-concertmaster Zoltán Bánfalvi's cello concerto performed by Tibor Bogányi and conducted by Gilbert Varga.

Throughout the series the Pécs audience will get to know the itinerant Ludwig Mittelharmmer's German baritone and can welcome back Hamar Zsolt as he conducts Mahler's Symphony No. 5, among others. The series will be concluded by Levente Gyöngyössy's work, commissioned by the orchestra and performed during Peter Frankl and Gilbert Varga joint concert on the 100th anniversary of the Trianon peace treaty.

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