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How does it work? Art and More – the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest on a wider spectrum

The Docent Programme’s spring season will give an insight of the everyday life in our museum. The lecturers will be talking about their field of interest, the hard or funny moments of their work. Scholars will be giving lectures about the development of their projects, while the lawyer, the registrar, and the head of the Visitor Service Department will be sharing their working experiences with us.

There will be two Bible Illuminates Art lectures as well, to help us understand the thoughts of medieval and Renaissance religious people concerning the visual art.


Museum of Fine Arts Budapest, 1st floor, Schickedanz Hall

Tuesday, 12th March

Selected Legal Issues in the Field of Public Art Museums

Lecturer: János Marosi

Tuesday, 19th March

In the Afterworld: Ancient Egyptian Conceptions of Life Beyond the Tomb

Lecturer: Zoltán Horváth

Thursday, 21st March: Bible Illuminates Art.

Stories of Invitation . God’s Invitations to Humanity Expressed in Biblical Art

Lecturers: Janet & David Kronbach

Tuesday, 26th March:

“The customer is always right?" How the Museum's Visitor Services Department Works

Lecturer: Zsuzsanna Csuka

Thursday, 28th March: Bible Illuminates Art.

Stories of Response. Humanity’s response to Divine Invitation in Biblical Art.

Lecturers: Janet & David Kronbach

Tuesday, 2nd April:

In Praise of Monks and Hermits: Fra Angelico’s Scenes from the Lives of the Early Fathers

Lecturer: Dóra Sallay

Tuesday, 9th April:

The Nuns of San Domenico del Maglio in Florence and their Renaissance Altarpiece Honoring Saint Catherine of Siena

Lecturer: Dóra Sallay

Tuesday, 16th April:

Sharing Art – Loan Management of the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest

Lecturer: Katalin Borbély

Tuesday, 30th April:

Passion, Devotion: Wooden Crucifixes in Renaissance Florence

Lecturer: Adél Domány

Tuesday, 7th May:

Vase Painting Techniques and Styles in Athens in the 6th–5th Centuries BC

Lecturer: Csaba Bodnár

Tuesday, 14th May:

Leonardo da Vinci and the Budapest Horse and Rider.

Lecturer: Zoltán Kárpáti

All dates, times, and locations are subject to change.

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